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Why "Boomer Plague"?

Important note: The following shouldn't be interpreted to mean that COVID-19 isn't dangerous for young people. The mortality among millenials (such as myself) is still far higher than any of the diseases we're used to being exposed to in the United States, and young people can still infect others who may be more vulnerable.

Based on initial data from the Chinese CDC (which should be taken with a grain of salt but are so far the best data available), COVID-19 (the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2) has an unusual age-mortality relationship. Most diseases (such as flu, with which it's being compared frequently due to the symptom overlap and appearing in the same season) are most dangerous for the old and the very young (under 5 or 10 years old). COVID-19 is so far very deadly for the old, but appears predominantly asymptomatic in those under age 10, and (as of one these data were gathered) has yet to cause any fatalities in that range.

The mortality risk is fairly constant up until age 40-50, but then increases exponentially as age increases. (And that isn't a figurative use of the term "exponentially" that's all too common these days. It is literally exponential, in that the mortality rate roughly doubles with every extra ten years of age.) As the generation currently aged 55-75 is the Baby Boomers (commonly shortened to Boomers), Boomer Plague seems a descriptive name.

Mortality rate of COVID-19 by age bracket